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A Step Ahead Series

AMUSE's A Step Ahead series prepares new students to enter to local districts' instrumental music programs in a low-stress, low-commitment format. Students will build a strong foundation and gain confidence in their technical skills, note and pitch recognition, and rhythm. These classes are designed for beginning 4th and 5th grade students learning strings, brass, and woodwinds.


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Cost: $225 for nine weeks, plus cost of materials (unless otherwise stated)

Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes each (unless otherwise stated)

All classes are meeting in person.


Beginning Violin

Wednesday | 3:30pm - 4:20pm

Instructor: Suzanne Haitz

Level: Beginner

This course will focus on playing positions, counting, ear training, bowings, dynamics, and much more!  It will supplement & build on fundamentals that are covered in the school music programs, in a format specifically designed for young violinists. 

October 12 - December 14


Beginning Viola

Friday | 3:30pm - 4:20pm

Instructor: Bianca Lara

Level: Beginner

If the violin is too high-pitched and the cello is too large for your child, then the viola is the perfet instrument for you! This is an introductory class for beginning violists. Students will learn basic techniques, how to read music, early ensemble playing, producing a warm tone, and much more!

October 14 - December 16


Beginning Flute

Tuesday | 6:30pm - 7:20pm

Instructor: Alyson Rochlin

Level: Beginner

This class will strengthen and reinforce the skills taught in the local school district's instrumental music programs.  Students will build a strong foundation and gain confidence in their technical skills, note and pitch recognition, rhythm, and ensemble playing. Instruments required at first class meeting. Instruments available for rent or purchase at AMUSE.

October 11 - December 13


Beginning Clarinet and Saxophone



Beginning Brass

Thursday | 3:30pm - 4:20pm

Instructor: Matt Karatsu

Level: Beginner

This course is for students looking to begin their journey on trumpet, trombone, and French horn. Sudents will learn the basics of playing, breathing, note-reading, Experience the joy of playing in a beginning brass ensemble!

October 13 - December 15



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