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AMUSE offers quality instrument repairs on the following instruments: acoustic guitar, alto saxophone, amplifiers, autoharp, banjo, baritone and euphonium, baritone saxophone, cello, clarinet, electric bass, electric guitar, flute, french horn, oboe, piccolo, tenor saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, ukulele, viola, and violin.

From minor adjustments to chemical cleanings and major fixes, all repairs are completed at a reasonable cost by trained and experienced professionals. All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of original repair.  AMUSE also offers short term rentals for the duration of the repair, subject to availability.

For general maintenance inquiries, visit our YouTube channel to view our collection of maintenance videos. 


Brass and Woodwind Instruments

AMUSE offers a variety of services for brass and woodwind instruments, including:

  • Stuck mouthpiece release
  • Stuck slide release
  • Missing/damaged water key cork replacement
  • Valve issues troubleshooting
  • Silver polish and hand buffing
  • Woodwind keys spot adjustments

While many jobs are small and can be done in-house, sometimes a brass or woodwind instrument needs to go to one of our specialists for repair.  In the event that we need to send an instrument to the technician, we do so according to the following schedule:

  • Instruments brought in by 8pm Monday will be ready for pickup by 4pm Friday.
  • Instruments brought in by 8pm Thursday will be ready for pickup by 4pm Tuesday.


Orchestral String Instruments

AMUSE offers the following services for orchestral strings:

  • Restringing
  • Fine tuner installation
  • Tailpiece and/or tailgut replacement
  • Sound post adjustment (if original part is available and in usable condition)
  • Bridge reset (if original part is available and in usable condition)
  • Loose fingerboard re-glue


Fretted instruments

AMUSE offers the following services for fretted instruments:

  • Restringing
  • Custom setups
  • Output jacks, volume/tone pots replacement
  • Strap button/strap lock installation


Every repair situation is unique.  In order to properly diagnose your instrument, we need to see the instrument in our store before we can give an estimate.