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AMUSE offers a variety of piano programs for a range of ages and experience levels. If you are a current piano student, please contact your teacher to determine your class level. Students are required to have a piano with weighted keys at home for practice. Korg 88-key digital pianos are available for rent and purchase at AMUSE.


Music for Little Mozarts

AMUSE's piano program for the very young child (ages 4-6) teaches the fundamentals of playing piano in the ways in which children learn best: through singing and moving. Students develop listening and reading skills, as well as improvisation, technique, and ensemble playing. Repertoire includes contemporary and classical literature, familiar childhood songs, and popular soundtracks. Our program is based on "Music for Little Mozarts," an award-winning series from Alfred Publishing Company, supplemented by other ensemble and repertoire materials.


Piano Adventures

AMUSE's piano program for elementary and middle school students (age 7-12) is designed to develop the basic skills of playing piano, including listening, improvisation, and composition. The program emphasizes correct posture, hand position, fingering, accurate rhythm, articulation, music theory, and musical expression. Students learn to read music through solo and ensemble repertoire consisting of contemporary and classical literature, familiar childhood songs, and popular soundtrack. Our program is based on the acclaimed Faber Piano Adventures and Alfred's Premier series, supplemented by theory, ensemble, and repertoire materials.


Certificate of Merit Preparatory Piano (CM)

AMUSE's Certificate of Merit program is designed to prepare students for the MTAC Certificate of Merit exams offered each year. Students will learn music theory and level-appropriate performance literature. Enrollment in the CM program is by teacher placement only. 


Adult Piano

AMUSE's teen and adult piano program gets students quickly playing their favorite melodies and songs. Students will develop basic music concepts and skills, such as five finger melodies and chord progressions.

Beginning Adult Piano

Class is designed for students with no prior piano experience.

Intermediate/Continuing Adult Piano

Class is designed for students continuing from Level 1 or students with some prior piano experience.


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