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Music Therapy

AMUSE is proud to offer one of the only music therapy programs in the South Bay.  Available services include individual music therapy and adapted guitar, voice, and piano instruction to children and adults with special needs.

Music therapy is a health profession that uses music for non-musical purposes in reaching physical, emotional, cognitive, and social goals. Using music as a therapeutic tool has shown to be an effective and practical way to reach the whole person by improving self-esteem, communication, socialization, cognition, self-expression, reality orientation, emotional balance, relaxation, and motor skills in individuals with various physical, emotional, and neurological disorders. Music therapy sessions are designed on an individual basis using various goal-oriented interventions and activities such as instrument playing, singing, songwriting, listening, lyric analysis, improvisation, and movement. No music experience or skill is required on the part of the client as the focus is on the secondary gains.

Adapted instruction uses music therapy interventions for the purposes of music education, recreational music, and improved quality of life. In individual adapted lessons the focus is on the instruction of one instrument with both therapeutic and educational approaches.