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Shubb C1 Capo, Steel String

SKU:  1004-C1_73833
Manufacturer Part #:  C1
Shubb Capos work on an “over-center” locking principle. If you’ve used one, you know the feeling. As you close the capo onto the neck, it passes through a point of greatest resistence (the center), then relaxes somewhat into its locked position. While the radii on steel string guitar fretboards are not all identical, they are well within the Shubb Capo’s range for a good fit. This is because its proprietary sleeve material is engineered to be ultra resilient; it conforms to the fretboard’s shape, while cushioning and pushing back on the strings just like your finger does! Fits almost all steel string guitars, acoustic or electric.
  • Roller design – smoother action, superior geometry, reduced wear
  • Rounded edges – softer to the touch
  • Contoured lever – easier to use
  • Shubb C1 Capo, Steel String

    SKU:  1004-C1_73833^C1
    Manufacturer Part #:  C1
    Weight:  0.00
    Price: $26.95

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