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Kyser Quick-Clip Quick Change Tuner/Capo Combo, Black

SKU:  1103-KG6BQC
Manufacturer Part #:  KG6BQC
The Quick-Clip features a chromatic tuner which seamlessly attaches to existing full-size Kyser Quick-Change capos magnetically, eliminating the need to have multiple items clamped to your guitar. The Quick-Clip capo will keep you in tune whether actively in use or simply parked on your headstock. The tuner is held in place by a powerful magnet and is 360 degrees adjustable. The screen also flips to accommodate left-handed guitarists. The tuner is easily detachable when not needed. Quick-Change Capo Features: Play In Different Keys Without Re-tuning or Changing Fingering Transpose the Guitar in Seconds, With Only One Hand Clamps on Headstock When Not in Use For 6 String Acoustic Guitars Guaranteed for Life Quick-Clip Tuner Features: Tune While the Capo is on the Strings or on the Headstock Screen Flips & Rotates 360 Degrees Easy to use - Press it on With the Palm of Your Hand Precision Tuning +/- 1 Cent Not Visible from the Audience Bright LCD Screen: Orange (Out of Tune), Green (In Tune). Battery Included.

Kyser Quick-Clip Quick Change Tuner/Capo Combo, Black

Manufacturer Part #:  KG6BQC
Weight:  0.00
Price: $27.99

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